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Bracelet myson2
Bracelet myson2
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My son, remember how much you are lov...

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 ♥ My son
I wish you strength to face challenges with confidence  
along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully
I wish you adventure on your journey 
and may you always stop to help someone along the way
listen to your heart and take risks carefully 
remember how much you are loved... I am so proud of you

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Customer Reviews

Richard Bleyaert


We like the bracelet, however in my opinion the writing is too small.

Ann Giordano


You sent me the wrong bracelet please send the right bracelet. I ordered:


  To My Son 
Always Remember 
You Are Braver Than You Believe 
Stronger Than You Seem
Smarter Than You Think 
And Loved More Than You Know 
Love Mom

Scott Cooney,USA


First off they're located in Asia,Thailand,some crazy far away place. Third party seller,I'm sure you can find them cheaper online someplace else. I can barely read the words but hey,that's ok. Worst part is their snail mail they use,when it says 15 business days,they MEAN 15 business days,lol. I could mail anything anywhere on the planet faster! That's my review.

Gerhard Ruthven


Perfect! Love it!




I was so disappointed with this purchase. The type is so small you can’t even read it and the quality of material is very cheap. You should change the images to represent the actual product. I would not purchase from this company again.

Bev Cardinal


I have not received these yet.  I ordered April 26, 2018.  Sure like to know where they are